Offset has gone country.

The Migos rapper appears on a new version of country singer Chris Janson's “Say About Me,” which is a song from Janson's Real Friends album.

On the honky-tonk track, Offset boasts about having the hottest chick in the rap game and living a glamorous life. "I got the baddest bitch in the game/Diamonds on her neck and wrist, make it rain (Ice)/I eat Percocet to ease the pain/Hate it or you love it, I'ma pull up in a Range/Trap star, rock star, you can hear it in the guitar," he raps.

In an interview with Taste of Country Nights, Janson revealed that he had Offset in mind when writing the song. "I said I wanna write a song somewhere between Hank Jr. '83 rowdiness and the Migos," he said.

When the 33-year-old singer and "Clout" rapper did eventually link up, they soon realized that they have a lot in common. "We have a lot of common kinships," Janson explained. "His record is called Father of 4 and we both have four kids apiece. We're both very family-oriented people. It just made a lot of sense when we met."

After hours of conversation, Janson and Offset felt their brotherly bond even more.

"And when we were talking [Offset] was like, 'Now seeing you dude, I totally get it,'" Janson said. "We just come from two different backgrounds, but we also come from a similar background in that we don't come from a whole lot. We had to build our careers from the ground up. We worked really hard for that, and we're proud of that. Just being around the guy for five minutes, I could tell he's a real hustler."

You can listen to Offset and Chris Janson's collaborative song below.

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