Obie Trice is back with another diss track aimed at Nick Cannon.

Not long after dropping "Spanky Hayes," the former Shady Records rapper strikes back with part two of the diss track. In the latest round of disrespectful bars, Obie Trice leaves Eminem out of the conversation and strictly focuses on Nick on an extended instrumental produced by Dubmuzik.

"You's a rich nigga, stay in your lane/Don't let this beef shit interfere with your fame," Obie Trice raps. "Detroit City, detrimental to the brain, we don't fuck with you lames/Y'all fuck up the game, y'all suffocate everything real then put your twist on it/Bitch like you got skills."

The second installment comes a week after Obie dropped his first Nick Cannon diss track "Spanky Hayes." In the minute-long record, Obie defends his longtime friend Em and seeks to destroy Cannon's credibility as a rapper.

“Y’all niggas are broads/You really charlatans, y’all frauds (yeah)/Y’all ain’t ready for real/Detroit City bitch, you get killed,” Obie raps in the first diss track.

Obie unleashed his pair of diss track for Cannon after the Wild N' Out host dropped retaliatory diss tracks "Pray for Him" and "The Invitation" aimed at Eminem. For the unfamiliar, Em went all the way in on Cannon in his verse for Fat Joe and Dre's "Lord Above" featuring Mary J. Blige. That's what led to two of Cannon's diss tracks, which in turn led to Trice dropping off two diss tracks of his own.

Listen to Obie Trice's new diss track for Nick Cannon below.

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