Nitty Scott heads to the jungle in her new video for "La Diaspora." Directed by Cutter Hodierne, "La Diaspora" tells the story of the Negrita in Wonderland. Taking place in a jungle, the video, which she dubs a short film, dives into the world of an indigenous utopia featuring tribal life in a pre-colonized world.

"La Diaspora," featured on her recently released album Creature!, supports Nitty's narrative on the LP, which follows Negrita. "There is a narrative woven into it and that story is the story of Negrita in Wonderland," she told XXL in a recent interview. "Negrita is a character but she’s a character that I really identify with, and one that I think a lot of other Black and Brown women living in the city particularly will identify with. In that way, I was very much my own muse because I created a character that is loosely based on myself and embodies all of the things that I do."

Nitty also spoke about the world of Wonderland, revealing it's a pre-colonized Puerto Rico. "When [Negrita] lands there, she is then exposed to her indigenous tribe, as well as is exposed to their practices, their wisdom and all of the things that we have essentially been cut off from as modern day Black and Brown women in the diaspora," she said.

Released in July, Creature! is Nitty's first solo album since 2014's The Art of Chill. The 13-track album was light on features, only including guest appearances from Zap Mama and Raina Rich.

Before the release of her latest album, the rapper teamed up with Bodega Bamz and Joell Ortiz to form the group No Panty. In 2016, the trio released their first album, Westside Highway Storywhich was produced by Salaam Remi.

Check out the video for "La Diaspora" below.

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