Fans of Nipsey Hussle won't be able to celebrate the late rapper at the location of his Marathon Clothing store in Los Angeles for his birthday.

The late rapper would have turned 34 on Thursday (Aug. 15), and with the store having been a popular location for fans to pay their respects, the city decided to take action. TMZ revealed in a new report that a barricade has been placed around the entirety of the shopping plaza where the store is located in an effort to discourage large crowds from gathering there and likely leaving gifts.

This has been on the Los Angeles Police Department's radar for some time now, with reports that the police began preparing for this moment back in July. Prior plans included having more than 100 officers placed in the area to control the crowd, but it appears that they opted for the fence in lieu of that idea.

As for Nipsey's family, they plan to celebrate their loved one's birthday privately, nixing the idea of putting on a city-wide party. According to a report, they are still in mourning after losing Nip just months ago on March 31, and they aren't ready to celebrate his birthday on such a wide scale just yet.

You can view images of the barricade for yourself over at TMZ.

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