Update (Dec. 4, 6:33 p.m.): Nipsey Hussle only knows hustle. He had the streets on smash last year with his highly touted mixtape-album Crenshaw. Today, Nip announced that he has another project now on the way entitled Mailbox Money. To bolster the awareness of his new project, Nipsey drops this new track "50 Ni****", which speaks of the everyday struggles surrounding the street life. He also touches on the killing of Trayvon Martin. Check it out below. 100 copies of Mailbox Money will be released for $1,000 eachMailbox Money will also be released for free via iTunes.


Original Story: As fans anxiously await the release of Nipsey Hussle's debut album Victory Lap, the Los Angeles native announced that he will "surprise" fans with another full length project before he drops his album. Not to be mistaken with a mixtape, Nipsey assured fans via Twitter his new project Mailbox Money will act as the "album before the album." Although he failed to mention an official release date for the project, Nipsey revealed Mailbox Money will be released sometime this month.

With his "proud to pay" campaign still in effect and a 31-city Crenshaw tour gearing to kick off the new year, there's no denying the extra work he's put in to supply his fan ase with enough material to last for months. As for Victory Lap, fans can still expect to pick it up in stores next year.

The full length release of Mailbox Money will be available on Ihussle.com, ITunes.com, and Iamproud2pay.com