Night Lovell is one of the new artists that could break out this year. The Ottawa, Canada native may not be familiar to some hip-hop fans in the states, but he will be soon. His latest release "Jamie's Sin" is a haunting tale about a woman betraying him. To go along with the new song, Night Lovell released the video for the Cian P-produced record.

The visual starts off displaying longitude and latitude coordinates that place Lovell at a grass field right outside Ottawa. Fans then see the 20-year-old rapper reciting the lyrics while sitting on the ground, avoiding eye contact with the camera. For "Jamie's Sin," Lovell dives deep into his feelings, rapping about a girl name Jamie who he once felt affection for. "Jamie wasn't Jamie when she drank up all the Jameson," he raps.

Lovell is one of the biggest underground rappers who has yet to break in the U.S. His 2014 record "Dark Light" has over 12 million views on YouTube and his 2016 breakout song "Contraband" has over 6 million views. As he continues to get bigger, it's only a matter of time before he gets a major commercial look. Lovell should be dropping a new project this year. Last year, he released Red Teenage Melody.

Watch "Jamie's Sin" below.

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