If you're looking to hear some straight bars, you might want to check out Nicky D's recently released The Fighting Irish Vol. 1 mixtape. The new project finds the talented California-based lyricist putting on an absolute clinic over classic instrumentals from the likes of folks like Jay Z and Eminem as he waxes on about the more intimate details of his life.

One moment, he'll be discussing his strained relationship with his father while the next he'll be discussing a losing battle with alcoholism as he strings together cleanly crafted punchlines and rhyme schemes.

"No matter the cost my views don't matter at all/I'm pissed off without my bladder involved/It's like going forward's illegal like a lateral toss/And if I don't participate, then they'll hand me a loss," Nicky D's raps on "Fear of Fear Itself," which is the first track of his new project. Bars like those fit right in line with the sort of lyricism he told us he wanted to bring back to rap when we spoke with him a few years ago.

"To be recognized as the greatest of my era and land in everyone’s top 10 MC list. Also bring back the integrity of lyricism in hip-hop. I’m tired of hearing overly praised sub par bars on every record," Nicky D's said of his goals in hip-hop.

Peep the tracklist for Nicki D's new mixtape and the project itself below that.

Nicky D's The Fighting Irish Vol. 1 Tracklist 

1. "Fear of Fear Itself"
2. "#1 Role Model"
3. "Breathe Easy"
4. "Reap What You Sow"
5. "The Other Side"
6. "The Mona Lisa"
7. "Old Things"
8. "Not Today"
9. "Stay Calm"
10. "State of the Union"

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