Nicki Minaj's perfectionist ways are part of the reason it took us four years to get her Queen album after The Pinkrprint. Now, only a day after the release of the new project, Barbie is finding flaws that she wants to fix.

On Friday night (Aug. 10), less than 12 hours after the noon release, Nicki tweeted about her dissatisfaction with the chorus on the song "Ganja Burns." "Just listened to #GangaBurns after a long day & realized that I hate how low I made the hook," she typed. "Gotta get it swapped out. That’s like my fave song & I can’t let it go out like that😩. Plus I was so sleep deprived I wrote burns instead of burn when they were stressing me 4 tracklist."

The chorus on the song is pretty simple. "Ganja burn, ganja burn, ganja burn/Ganja burn, ganja burn, ganja burn," Nicki croons. "Every  time I get high, I just think about you/Every time I get high, I just think about you/Every time I get high, I just think about you/Every time I get high, I just think about you."

Apparently, to Nicki the octaves were off.

"Ganja Burns" was a heavily talked about track on the new release. Many fans think Nicki is taking shots at Cardi B on the song. On the lines in question, Nicki raps, "They done went to witch doctors to bury the Barbie/But I double back, kill bitches, bury the body/And that go for anybody, you'll be thoroughly sorry/I could wage war or I come in peace like Gandhi."

Many people think the line "bury the body" sounds very much like "bury the Bardi" upon first listen. The two rappers have had tension in the past but appeared to squash things earlier this year at the 2018 Met Gala.

Nicki also plans to update the album with another song featuring Future.

Check out Nicki's tweet about possibly swapping out the "Ganja Burns" chorus below.

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