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Update (2/3/15 4:45pm)

Nicki Minaj and Meek Mill keep on trolling the web. These two may be the next power couple. Nicki posted a picture on Instagram with Meek landing a big kiss on her cheek. Can they just come out and say we're an item already.

We winnin over here, what yall doin??

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Update (1/10/15 4:45pm)

Nicki Minaj continues trolling the inquisitive public about her alleged relationship with Meek Mill. Today, further evidence comes forth that might prove the two rappers are smashing. A few hours ago, a picture hit the Internet of Rick Ross' MMG crew cooling in the club. Who is lapped up on Meek? None other than the smiling Young Money first lady. Either they are really a couple or the jokes on us all.

Check out the pic, above.