While fans are still busy taking in her new Queen album, Nicki Minaj has some extras on deck. The CD version of the album sold at Target will feature the previously-released banger, "Barbie Tingz," as well as the brand new record, "Regular Degular," which was shared on Friday (Aug. 17).

The latest track is produced by Invincible and is highlighted by spacey chords and hard-hitting drum kicks. Nicki boasts about being different from the average while utilizing a slow flow. "I am not your regular degular/I am just so extracurricular," she rhymes on the chorus. "I will not get off into particulars/I just copped a coupe, that bitch ridiculous."

The head Barb in charge rides the busy instrumental like a wave on her verses. "Oochie coochie juicy, Tropicana, yah/We be looking bougie in Gabbana, mwah," she raps. "Which one of y'all selling them bananas, huh/Sweep the Playoffs ‘cause who needs a janitor?/They ask me when I knew I wasn't regular/I tell ‘em that the coupe do not take regular/Plus all my dogs is with me like Cruella, yah."

This isn't the first Queen extra we've gotten. Last week, Nicki upped the new track "Sorry" featuring Nas, which apparently didn't make the cut on the album because of sample clearance issues. We might also be getting a new Future collab soon.

Listen to Nicki Minaj's "Regular Degular" bonus cut below.

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