Before Nicki Minaj gets a chance to update the album version of "Ganja Burn," the New York rapper shares the visuals for the Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott-directed video. The song was originally released as "Ganja Burns," but Nicki released the video without the "s."

Set in the desert, the "Ganja Burn" video tells the tale of the Generous Queen and the revenge she seeks against her enemies. "Once upon a time, in a world unknown … there lived a queen, the Generous Queen,” a title card in the beginning of the video reads. It's then explained that the queen allowed her enemies to overthrow her. “She decided to allow them an easy victory. She advised her army to do and say nothing. They slaughtered her village.”

The visuals then kick off with Minaj awaking out of the sand, as she makes her way through the desert. While wandering through the wasteland, the rapper picks up a skull and is later joined by her army as they dance around a fire.

The next time fans listen to "Ganja Burn" on the Queen album, the song may sound and look different. Over the weekend, Minaj revealed she wants to update the song because of the low volume during the hook. The rapper also said she made a typo with the song's title, adding an "s" to the end of it.

"Just listened to #GangaBurns after a long day & realized that I hate how low I made the hook. Gotta get it swapped out," she tweeted on Aug. 11. "That’s like my fave song & I can’t let it go out like that Plus I was so sleep deprived I wrote burns instead of burn when they were stressing me 4 tracklist."

Check out the "Ganja Burn" video below.

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