Last week, Lil Bibby dropped off "Squad" featuring 21 Savage. Now, the Chi-town rapper returns with a dope new record called "Some How Some Way" featuring PnB Rock and Meek Mill.

Bibby, PnB and Meek deliver lyrics about the hardships growing up in poverty- and crime-ridden neighborhoods. PnB Rock kills the hook throughout the nearly five-minute track, which you can listen to above via SoundCloud.

"Some how, some way/We gotta make it out the hood some day," the New Jersey artist croons. "Can't lie, I still wake up and juug some days/Just to make sure that my family good some day."

On his first verse, Lil Bibby flows about growing up in one of the rougher parts of the Windy City, spitting, "Look, all them homicides got a nigga traumatized/You know I apologized for all them times my mama cried/A couple partners died, I miss my fallen soldiers/For them I'm spittin' fire, like the kid got hella toasters/They call us vultures, but we ain't have no coaches/Nothin' in the fridge, lot of rats, lot of roaches/Same city as Obama and Oprah/But niggas 13 totin' guns, they'll smoke yah."

He also adds a line about how Kanye West never comes to the hood in Chicago to show love and give young people advice. "Now I'm about to open up, they ain't have no hope for us/I ain't ever seen 'Ye, he ain't ever showed us nothin."

There's a strong possibility that "Some How Some Way" will appear on Bibby's upcoming mixtape Free Crack 4. His other project, FC3: The Epilogue is also on its way, slated to drop on Jan. 27, 2017 after several pushbacks.

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