While many in hip-hop have closed the book on 2016, NOLA's hardest working rhymer Curren$y isn't done just yet. Spitta Andretti is slated to drop his umpteenth mixtape of the year on Friday (Dec. 30). Fittingly titled Andretti 12/30, Spitta's latest offering will conclude his end-of-the-month mixtape series for the year. But before 12/30 arrives, the Jet Life head honcho went back to his 11/30 mixtape and gave the song "Real Family" the video treatment.

Smoking a joint and rocking BBC, Curren$y sets the vibes right in the studio, seeming to record live over the piano-laden Don Cannon beat. While he's laid back as ever, Curren$y warns his rivals to work harder and never come for him or his kin.

"Work for it dog, ain't nothing handed/If you moved on it by now you probably would have had it/Diamond rings bugs bunny carrots, BBS, Rolexes, mafia status/But you not grinding for it lazy ass you should be embarrassed," rhymes Curren$y.

It seems like Spitta has made it his mission this year to drop more mixtapes than anyone else in the rap game. The 35-year-old has dropped at least one project a month for the entire duration of this calendar year. The standouts of his 2016 catalog were February's The Carrollton Heist, a collaborative project between Spitta and famed producer The Alchemist, and April's Bourbon Street Secrets, which featured beats exclusively from 808 Mafia member Purps and was released in celebration of the rapper's favorite holiday; 4/20.

Check out the visual for "Real Family" above.

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