50 Cent's Instagram chatter may have landed him in some hot water, as a Wisconsin man, Courtney "Mafi" Johnson, has contacted police about a threat 50 made towards him on Instagram. Local police have since closed the case, but Johnson is meeting with a lawyer to further discuss his options, TMZ reports.

According to Johnson, 50 threatened to cut him to the point he'd need 150 stitches in an Instagram post that was later deleted. Johnson says that he booked Shaniqua Tompkins, 50's ex with whom he's had multiple social media spats, for an interviews, prompting 50 to write, "I have nothing to do with him getting a buck 50 in his face ... now the poor guy has to staple his face together."

Johnson then called police out of concern for his safety. Sources close to 50 tell TMZ, "50 doesn't personally know him however he heard that he was assaulted, as a result of the vlad and Jimmy Henchmen interview that mentioned 50. Mafi personally commented on 50's post, and when 50 saw he was in fact not injured he then deleted the post."

50's social activity has gotten him in trouble in the past, most memorably in May when he unknowingly made fun of a disabled airport employee, saying he looked high. 50 later donated $100,000 to Autism Speaks to make up for the error of his ways.

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