Today is Election Day and some in the hip-hop community are inspiring their fans and followers to go out and vote. Gucci Mane went and spoke to students at Florida Memorial University on Monday (Nov. 7), asking them to vote on his behalf.

"Young people have an opportunity to make a big impact tomorrow," he says in the above Twitter video. "And not just any young people, young people in this room, young people of color, young people who come from neighborhoods surrounding this college. Tomorrow you need to get out and vote and vote not because I’m telling you to or not because anybody else is telling you to, but vote because this is about ya’ll future. We need to make a vote to stop all this police brutality, we need to make a vote to stop all this mass incarceration. All these issues are not just personal to you and your families, they impact me. I wish that I had my right to vote. Don’t punish me the rest of my life for something that I already did my time for. So for all of you, I want you to know, y’all vote count for me."

Gucci was released from prison this past May but cannot vote because of his criminal history. Pusha T has been advocating for the voting rights of former convicts, telling Stephen Colbert recently, "It’s like you keep paying forever, we have to change that,” identifying the issue as most important to him because it’s “tearing apart our community right now.”

Catch Gucci's comments up top.

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