This week's top tracks come from a lineup of veteran artists. There's a little mix of everything with a freestyle, original track and remix.

Nicki Minaj dropped one of the best songs of the week in "Black Barbies." The record put a new spin on Rae Sremmurd's "Black Beatles," which has been dominating the charts thanks to the Mannequin Challenge. Nicki had fun with her rendition, dropping some slick bars on the Mike WiLL Made-It production.

"I see these silly nigga’s flexing, it’s a no zone/You gon' be floating in dem rivers like you know Joan/Island girl, Donald Trump want me go home/Still pull up with my wrist looking like a snow cone/She said she got a hit record, I said ooh shit/Picked up my phone cause I had to call bullshit," Nicki raps.

Childish Gambino showed listeners a new side of his music with the single "Me and Your Mama." The Atlanta creator let the world that was no one-off production when he dropped the super funky "Redbone." The two songs made it clear that Gambino's Awaken, My Love! album will be more of a funk/soul effort.

Common secured the final spot on this week's top songs playlist with his "Black America Again" remix. The Chicago MC enlisted the help of Pusha T and Gucci Mane for the remix, and all three rappers brought their A-game. Pusha T capped off the track with a poignant verse, which included a little self-reflection.

"I confess, I've been part of the problem/As of lately, I'm trying to solve 'em/I sold dope and I still talk the jargon/Just like Malcolm 'fore the X was on him/All these years later, we still the target/Look at Ferguson, Brooklyn and Charlotte/Selling CDs, reachin' for wallets/Trayvon'd be in his last year of college," Pusha T raps.

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