A video was posted to Snapchat on Wednesday (Oct. 19) showing 21 Savage and Meek Mill riding the same ATV, a look that 21 apparently received some heat for online. The rapper responds to commenters in the above video, telling anybody making insinuations about his life to keep quiet.

"These bitch ass motherfuckers always gotta comment and throw they two cents in on shit, man," he says. "I’ll slap the fuck outta one of y’all in real life. Everything a nigga do motherfuckers say ‘Oh he ain’t no savage, he ain’t no street nigga he on the four wheeler, he gay.’ Don’t get the shit twisted, cause a nigga rap think a nigga a bitch. In real life I probably spit on one of y’all bitch ass niggas....I rap how I wanna rap, I say what I wanna say. If you don’t like it, nigga, delete it, don’t listen to it. Get off my dick, bitch."

Back in July, Meek and 21 were seen busting tricks on Meek’s four-wheeler while at Rick Ross’ mansion, though 21 was sitting opposite Meek there rather than behind him. Earlier this week, 21 dropped his video for "No Heart" featuring Metro Boomin of their collaborative Savage Mode mixtape, and though the above video is chock full of profanity and threats, it amounts to a simple message: stop getting hung up on social media and let the man live. Catch his comments in full with the video up top.

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