It's hard to know what's real and what's not in hip-hop today, and since Desiigner is the talk of the town, everyone's buzzing about his "new song" called "Moon People." There's just one problem - it's not an official Desiigner track.

The song popped up over the weekend on Soundcloud, but it was an unofficial Desiigner account with less than 400 followers (his official account has over 90,000 and contains only two songs - "Panda" and "Zombie Walk"). The song nonetheless racked up tens of thousands of plays, and yesterday (May 9) the song went up on iTunes, further confusing fans. But the label it was uploaded under on iTunes reads Digital Leakz, not G.O.O.D. Music/Def Jam like it should, so we were suspicious.

Now our suspicions have been confirmed by a source that tells XXL the song is not legitimate at all. It is, as we figured, a user-made remix of Desiigner's acapella freestyle on Tim Westwood from the other week.

But if you thought it was real, we can't blame you. Over the weekend Desiigner posted a video to Instagram with the song playing in the background before later deleting it. Seems he was just trolling fans with that one. After all, being provocative is becoming part of his character, given how many times he's nudged Future already.

Then again, consumers have to be a little sharper with this stuff. The Soundcloud account it was uploaded to was obviously suspect and Desiigner himself never acknowledged the track on his Twitter. You'd think the artist with one of the biggest songs in the nation right now would do his best to promote his follow-up song.

Hear the fake song below.

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