The hip-hop and battle rap communities are mourning the death of Cadalack Ron, a battle scene staple, who died on Saturday (Jan. 23) at the age of 34.

The cause of death for the Los Angeles-based rapper, whose real name was Robert Paulson, is currently unknown.

Ron's ex-wife Sunny Hays confirmed the passing, writing on Facebook, "Not only is he my ex-husband, but he’s my son’s father. I’m sorry to say it’s true. We’ve been divorced for some time, but we have an 8-year-old son named Lion and he has another son Elijah Blue, who is 4. I am most devastated for him.”

Ron, who had a history of drug abuse, was at times shocking and controversial onstage, once burning a gay pride flag in an effort to denounce the Ku Klux Klan and later giving the impression that he was shooting up heroin mid-battle. The substance was later revealed to be Gatorade.

The battle rhymer had rapped about his addiction during battles, and despite his efforts to stay clean, it is speculated that drugs were involved in his untimely passing. Many in the battle rap scene have taken to Twitter to voice their condolences.

In addition, singer Josh Groban shared his connection to Ron, writing, "RIP to my childhood friend and elementary school classmate Robert Paulson aka @CADALACKRON. A sweet, way too smart kid with a lot to say."

The additional tweets can be seen below and condolences are extended to Ron's children and surviving family.

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