Rap beefs in the age of the internet are a thing of pure comedy.

As fellow rappers, hip-hop connoisseurs and just general internet gawkers are still taking in the Meek Mill diss track towards Drake that was dropped earlier tonight (July 30), someone has taken it upon themselves to write Meek's fate.

Obviously disappointed with Meek's comeback record entitled "Wanna Know," one Wikipedia user changed information on the Philadelphia rapper's profile page. The page now states that Meek died on the evening of July 30, 2015, "found hanging from the ceiling of his Toronto hotel room after Twitter negatively reacted to his Drake rebuttal."

In addition virtually murdering Milli, the user also renamed his label, Dreamchasers Records, "Twitter Finger Records" listing "Tweet Mill" as the CEO and changed the 28-year-old's middle name to "BodiedByASingingNigga." Doesn't quite roll off the tongue, but it's ruthless none the less.

Let's not forget, this is just another hilarious stunt in the series of Meek Mill and Drake's rap beef that started last week over an unprovoked Twitter rant by Meek in which he stated Drake does not write his own raps.