Kanye West and Tyga


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Tyga by far is the flashiest dude on this list as well as one of the most stylish from the West.


Tyga is gearing up for a busy 2014. The rapper is scheduled to open up his store on Saturday, release Young Money: Rise Of An Empire in March, finish the Fan of A Fan 2 project with Chris Brown and also drop his next solo LP, The Gold Album: 18th Dynasty sometime in the summer.

Last month, T-Raw took to Instagram to share a picture of him alongside Kanye West in the studio, and the rapper has finally elaborated on what to expect from the duo. "Yeah, I got a lot of Kanye [beats]," Tyga said in a sit-down with his hometown radio station Power 106. "Kanye is executive producing that [album]. It's gonna be a craaazy, craaazy album." Watch the full below to find out more about Tyga's upcoming projects and the advice he gets from being around Birdman and 'Ye.