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SenileYMCMB 670

Judging by the artwork, "Senile," the latest single from Young Money's upcoming crew album, was aiming to be off the wall. YMCMB is gearing up to drop their latest upcoming compilation, Young Money: Rise Of An Empire on Mar. 11. But today, Lil Wayne's merry band of fire-spitters unleashed "Senile" to the masses, featuring Lil Wayne, Nicki Minaj and Tyga. XXL recently caught up with David D.A. Doman, the producer for “Senile,” who explained how "Senile" went from a Tyga single to a YMCMB single.

“It was going to be on his album, which isn’t coming out until summertime,” Doman said. "Tyga played it for Nicki and she flipped out over it and she really loved it. Then she hopped on it and said, 'We should put Wayne on it.' So they brought it over to Wayne and he loved it and hopped on it. The Young Money album was about to drop soon and they said, 'Man, we should just make this the Young Money single.'"

Doman, who's originally from Chicago but currently lives in Los Angeles, has been working with Tyga ever since T-Raw's early mixtapes. So when Tyga told Doman his record is going to be the first single for Young Money: Rise Of An Empire while they were in the studio, the producer was ecstatic. "It’s definitely an honor," he said. "It’s a legendary label. Wayne is a legend and there’s future legends on the label, and it's definitely a great opportunity."

What's next for David? “I got a bunch more joints with Tyga," he explained to XXL. "I got this Tyga and A$AP Ferg record dropping real soon that I produced and wrote the hook on. It's called 'Deep Sea Diving.' That’s going to be a record for DJ SpinKing, that’s going to be his next single. I have a joint with Tyga and Chris Brown on the Fan Of A Fan 2 album. They going to get probably a big rock feature on that. I got a bunch of shits going up." —Emmanuel C.M. (@ECM_LP)

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Tyga, Nicki Minaj, Lil Wayne “Senile”