Drake’s new album Nothing Was The Same hits shelves today, already one of the most polarizing tracks is last week’s leak “Wu-Tang Forever.” While some Wu members applauded Drizzy’s efforts, many Wu-Tang fans were appalled by the OVO rapper’s use of their coveted super group. In an interview, U-God revealed that the entire Wu would appear on a remix for the track. However, Clansman Inspectah Deck recently revealed to HipHopDX that he had no involvement in the remix and truly doesn’t consider the song a tribute to the group he helped bring to prominence 20 years ago.

According to Deck, the crew was given the track while in Amsterdam over the summer and studio time was booked for all eight members to lay down their verses. However, only some members were able to hop on the track. "I never made it on the song," Deck revealed. "Actually, I went back to the hotel. Late night, I left. From my understanding, Meth got on the song, U-God, I think Masta Killah, Capp, not sure. But, I know that there were verses from the Clan on the song."

Deck said, there was no indication whether their verses were for the song that ended up leaking or a forthcoming remix. When the song leaked, he even gave props to Drizzy before actually hearing the song. But, after previewing the track, which contains no Wu members and no true dedications to the Clan, Deck said he was slightly puzzled by Drake’s intentions and doesn’t consider the track a real tribute. “I felt it didn't have no bearing on the Wu-Tang Clan or Wu-Tang Forever for that matter,” said Deck. “Besides the [fact that] I heard him say, 'Young brother on his Wu Tang.' That in itself gives respect to the Clan. I'm not taking that from the brother. Whatever his intentions was, I'm not saying that I'm feeling that he had some deliberate snake intentions. I'm saying that I disagree with the title of that song being 'Wu-Tang Forever' when it has no bearing on Wu-Tang Clan despite the fact that the 'It's Yourz' sample floatin' in the background. We sampled 'It's Yourz.' That's a sample. That's there for the taking. It's not like, 'Oh, he used y'all sample.' We both used T La Rock."

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