In a unique roll-out, Curren$y and Jet Life Records are partnering up with BitTorrent to release a new mixtape bundle exclusively through the company's peer-to-peer downloading service today. Red Eye, a compilation tape featuring Spittah and the Jet Life crew, will be packaged with exclusive art, a new Jet Life documentary and coupons to redeem merchandise at the crew's live shows in the future.

Red Eye, the latest release in Curren$y's galaxy-expanding catalogue, is set to feature original material from Curren$y, as well as, Jet Life members, Fiend, Young Roddy and Cornerboy P. Guest appearances include Juvenile, Deelow Diamond Man, Mary Gold and Casso with production from Monstabeatz, Thelonius Martin, Bizness Boy, RJ2 and Cardo.

The bundle's release continues a growing trend of artists digitally releasing brand-bundled packages with technology companies the last few years. In early July, Jay Z famously released his latest album, Magna Carta... Holy Grail,  in conjunction with Samsung as part of an exclusive app with the company. When the album was released on midnight on July 4, it was slowed by numerous technical problems that prevented many fans from downloading the album for hours long after the album was leaked illegally. Speaking with Matt Mason, vice president of marketing at BitTorrent, the company does not expect the numerous problems for Curren$y's bundle that plagued the launch of Jay Z's album. "BitTorrent is not an app," Mason said. "BitTorrent is the [service] that moves 40% of the web's internet traffic every single day. This is the backbone of the internet so it's really easy for us to move a mixtape to millions and millions of people."

Meanwhile, Curren$y's manager, Mousa, spoke highly of partnering with BitTorrent for Red Eye's release. "Our main interest was the reach that [BitTorrent] had throughout the world wide web," Mousa said. "Everybody knows the way Curren$y and Jet Life's movement was started through the use of the internet. BitTorrent was a way for us to get larger and expand through digital media so it was the obvious choice."

For those that are unfamiliar with the way the service works, BitTorrent is an internet protocol that allows users to share large volumes of information through peer-to-peer networks with relative speed. In essence, it works by simulataneously downloading bits of information from a group of users that already have your file thus speeding up the process. The service is often used illegally to pirate music, movies and televisions show. BiTorrent sees partnering with artists like Curren$y to distribute as an opportunity to rehabilitate the company's image."BitTorrent is technology company," Mason said, "We have never done anything illegal. We've never been sued. What we are trying to do is show that this is a technology company."

Jet Life's Red Eye is available to download now at BitTorrent's website.