Two of Atlanta's biggest stock risers link up. On Wednesday (May 30), Nessly and Yung Bans pulled up with a melodic banger by the name of "Wolverine."

Produced by Kennybeats, the "Wolverine" instrumental is fast-paced but smooth. For their part, Nessly and Bans effortlessly cruise over the beat. Nessly goes first on the cut, which finds both rappers talking a big game.

"I text her an eggplant emoji, yeah/I pull out my phone, now we rolling, yeah," Nessly spits on the track before speeding things up a few bars later. "She do a split on my banana/She wanna let me hit that punani," he continues.

From there, Bans steps up to the plate and talks that talk. "I want you to please me, bad bitch that don't tease me/She say she gon' work it, work it, work it like she Riri," he spits. In a funnier bit, he claims the boyfriend of the girl he's hooking up with doesn't mind that she's cheating with him because he wants a feature.

Nessly's latest banger arrives three months after he dropped off his Wildflower album, a project that marked his first since his 2016's Solo Band EP. Speaking with XXL about the LP, the Republic Records signee explained the title of his project.

"The original name of the project was Wildfire. Wildfire is literally the destruction of beauty—wildfires destroy forests, plants, trees and flowers," Nessly explained while pointing to a his tattoo of a wilted rose. "So I called it Wildfire because I was killing off the rose and just tying it all in together. [But] I figured Wildflower was the best decision in the end, just ’cause I kept saying it on accident. I was like, ‘I find so much meaning in this. Maybe there’s a bigger picture to why I keep messing up, saying Wildflower.’ It’s not even a part of my everyday vocabulary."

Listen to "Wolverine" below. Check out Yung Bans' guest appearance on Future's new song, "Bag," when you're done.

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