Nessly and Lil Yachty connect. On Wednesday (April 11), Nessly unloaded a new DayTrip produced track called, "Doublecheck," which finds both Atlanta rappers doing some serious, but pretty casual, flexing.

Leading things off is Nessly, who hits the track with an agile flow and some confident bars. "I traded clout for that throat/How bad you wanna meet Boat/4 thousand for this coat, looking like I'm dealing coke," he spits on the understated trap beat.

From there, Yachty takes the baton with a collection of dismissively confident bars and a laid-back flow. "Young Boat don't do no fistfights, not no one-on-ones, man that shit for the birds/Maybach so damn long when I cut the wheel I'm running over curbs," he raps.

Nessly's latest track shows he's in peak form, which is a state he's maintained for a while now. The rapper  is now about a month away from dropping his Wildflower album, a project he actually recorded 200 songs for. Speaking with XXL last month, an occasion which also saw him mention this Lil Yachty collab, Nessly revealed that the project originally had a different name.

"The original name of the project was Wildfire. Wildfire is literally the destruction of beauty—wildfires destroy forests, plants, trees and flowers," Nessly explained at the time. "So I called it Wildfire because I was killing off the rose and just tying it all in together. [But] I figured Wildflower was the best decision in the end, just ’cause I kept saying it on accident. I was like, ‘I find so much meaning in this. Maybe there’s a bigger picture to why I keep messing up, saying Wildflower.’ It’s not even a part of my everyday vocabulary."

Check out Nessly's latest below. Listen to Nessly's Madeintyo-featuring track, "Lifevest," when you're done.

Nessly via SoundCloud
Nessly via SoundCloud

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