Earlier in the week, ex-St. Lunatic Slo Down voiced issues that he had with the group and it’s head honcho, Nelly, over payments. Now, Nelly is responding to his group’s former masked member.

On Monday (August 9), the multi-platinum selling rapper took to Twitter to give his take on the situation. “I wish I could have made ova a half a mill dollars for just wearing a mask on stage!!!!!loldammm,” wrote Nelly, referencing his hype man turned adversary. He then tweeted at Chamillionaire on the subject (a response to the Houston rapper telling him “don’t hurt em” saying about Slo, “hate ungratefulness pimp!u don't write!don't rap!!u don't even stay in the studio till the song is done!still make a halfmil.”

As previously reported, Slo Down released a video criticizing Nelly, during which he stated, “Whatever we did Nelly got half of that shit, and the rest of the group split that up. And when it came to splitting the money I wasn’t part of the rest of the group.”

Nelly also recently took to twitter to announce that he is currently working his own fitness DVD.—Adam Fleischer