NBA YoungBoy is currently in jail after being charged with two counts of attempted first-degree murder, but that’s not stopping him from dropping new music. The Baton Rouge rapper unleashes a brand new track called “Draco” featuring Atlanta’s No Plug. The song features YoungBoy’s familiar brand of harsh rhymes as he fires back at detractors in his hometown.

“This for them bitch ass lil’ boys who wanna murder me/I got an answer for you bitches talking ‘bout burning me/NBA Gang them Navy seals, nigga know we creep/Bitch, you must ain’t heard/We ready to swerve, know we don’t beef/On house arrest with an assault rifle, I can’t even leave/Say my name, I’ma make that gang pull up where you sleep,” YoungBoy raps.

“Draco” is like much of YoungBoy’s work in its unabashed violence. But in a recent conversation with XXL, the young rapper said he wanted to change how people perceive him.

“I want to change my image up,” YoungBoy said. “They should know what I’m like by now, they should know how we live, so I don’t really gotta flash guns or none of that shit. I got children, I got a lotta bigger things to look forward to, a career. That’s all that really matters. I want to make better music, though. Better than what I’ve been making.”

Check out XXL's entire interview with YoungBoy to learn more about his career and how he's dealing with his stint in prison.

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