Eminem is winning an abundance of cash after the National Party of New Zealand has been found guilty of breaching his copyright for his 2002 hit song, "Lose Yourself." If you recall, the veteran rapper's publishers filed a lawsuit with the High Court in Wellington against the conservative National Party after using his song for a 2014 election.

ABC says that the High Court ruled that the campaign ad "substantially copied" the Detroit native's hit record, which was titled "Eminem Esque" at the time. The National Party also reportedly used the song 186 times before the ad was pulled off of the air, leading to the lawsuit being filed.

Justice Helen Cull made her final judgment, ruling that that were "close similiarities" within the song's beat and melody for it to be ruled as a breach of copyright.

"The close similarities and the indiscernible differences in drum beat, the 'melodic line' and the piano figures, make Eminem Esque strikingly similar to Lose Yourself," Cull wrote in her final judgment.

Eight Mile Style was awarded over $500,000, plus interest, in the final ruling, as the publisher made it clear that the award-winning record was "rarely" ever cleared to be used in advertising. Reports also say that there were no other damages rewarded to Eight Mile Style, being that the National Party's actions were "taken after getting professional, commercial, and media advice" and had not been reckless.

See the ad in question from the National Party of New Zealand below.

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