While tracks like Jay-Z's "D.O.A. (Death of Auto-Tune)" and KRS-One and Buckshot’s “Robot” crusade against Auto-Tune, Nas says people will miss T-Pain’s preferred vocal effect.

According to the Boston Herald, Nas says Auto-Tune is “hot,”but not what he records, or listens to. “Auto-Tune’s gonna be the shit like 10 years from now,” Nas told the Boston Herald. “We’re gonna all remember that time when Auto-Tune was what everyone was doing. And you need moments like that. It’s like, ‘Wow, remember when everybody had synthesizer beats? Or remember when everybody used to do cuts in their choruses? Or use this kind of sample or use that kind of drum machine? It’s just another moment in music.”

The Queensbridge rapper—who insists Auto-Tune will not be found on his upcoming collaboration with Damian Marley, Distant Relatives—likens Jay's “D.O.A.” to his own quasi-eulogy, 2006’s Hip-Hop is Dead.

“Everything comes to an end and goes to a new phase,” Nas said. “So records like ‘D.O.A.’ have to be made right now. That’s why I did Hip Hop Is Dead. These records have to be made. It’s rappers making records that resemble what the real rap sounds like to shake up all this other (stuff).”

Nas marked an milestone in his life yesterday (June 22), when at-odds wife Kelis gave birth to his first son, Knight.

The couple—currently embroiled in a heated divorce case—missed yesterday’s court date so Kelis could deliver their first child.

When asked how his drama with Kelis would affect his new record, Nasty Nas had this say, “You know what it’s funny, I never know if (personal drama) is gonna influence the music until I’m making it. The record I’m working on now has a focus; it’s me and Damian (Marley) and we have our focus and we already started working on for a few months now. So I have no idea. It’s interesting though. I’m interested to see it myself, you know?”

As of press time there is no release date on Distant Relatives. The duo is currently headlining the Rock the Bells tour. –John Kennedy

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