Rising crooner NO1-NOAH releases his video for “Stuck on Stupid.” The slow-burner, which is produced by Dorante, was released a month ago on SoundCloud and has collected over a million streams. The record is the lead singe off NO1's forthcoming project Feeling In Color.

"Baby you hiding, baby misguided/I just know how to find her/Say you about it, but you so quiet/Round like how do you hide it/Bumpin' and grindin'/Ride it, slide it, grind it/I keep it silent, think that you got me/I cannot fight it, baby, think that I like it/I can't one night it," he sings.

Just like the name of his upcoming project, the video for "Stuck on Stupid" uses a myriad of colors to depict the trails and tribulations of love.

"Using colors was a strategic way of perfectly describing and heightening the emotions that are channeled in my music, that was my main goal and reasoning behind why the video looks the way it does," NO1-NOAH says through email. "It's more about a vibe and my music being felt than it is an actual music video."

There isn't a release date yet for Feeling In Color, but momentum is on NO1-NOAH's side. Watch the video below.

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