Diddy may have invented the remix, but he still wants his publishing. All the way back in June—months before he allegedly beat up Drake—Diddy had some choice words for the Canadian. During a show at Miami Beach's Story night club, Puff and Ma$e were performing when the Bad Boy mogul made an abrupt stop. In a video obtained by TMZ, Diddy urges the crowd to "get this on tape" as he explains his gripe with the rapper who used it.

"I gave this [beat] to this nigga," Diddy says. "This nigga stole this shit from me." The beat in question, which is used for the first half of Drake's two-part song "0 to 100/The Catch Up," is credited to Boi-1da and Frank Dukes. As of yet, there is no other information as to the specifics of Diddy's involvement, but at least he's still a fan: In the video, after airing his grievances, he asks the DJ to play the song anyway, saying "at the end of the day, that shit is still hard." Then he and Ma$e dance like it's 1997.