In the face of impending legal turmoil, Troy Ave is on the minds of plenty of his fellow Brooklyn rappers. To put their words into motion, Mr. Muthaf#@kin Exquire recruits DeiLLest and Cokey Briccz for the new freestyle "Free Troy Ave."

The ferocious five-minute freestyle finds eXquire, DeiLLest and Cokey Briccz all attack the beat. The track was uploaded by eXquire on SoundCloud and though the comments section is disabled, the description reads, "Free Troy Ave... Support and Love Shout Avon and Hovain always... BigKahuna600."

MFN's bars are blatantly combative, endorsing Troy's moves. "God's child but I can show you what the Devil do/I'll give you more shots than the fuckin' doctor do/Treat your squad like dirty floors, we'll fuckin' mop you/Cut a nigga head like the motherfuckin' barber do," he rhymes.

The new freestyle is a direct response to the events that rocked hip-hop just last week. May ended in tragedy for New York's rap scene when a shooting occurred at a T.I. concert at the popular venue Irving Plaza on May 25. The ordeal resulted in the death of BSB member Ronald "Banga" McPhatter and injured four other people.

Troy himself was shot in the leg. As new developments in the case were released, Troy was arrested and formally charged for attempted murder and illegal weapon possession in connection with the shooting. Surveillance video from the night shows Troy shooting at someone out of frame.

Police are also seeking a second shooter in the case. Rappers like 50 Cent and Meek Mill have publicly come to Troy's aid, but this is the first time an MC has done so on wax. XXL will continue to update the timeline of Troy's case as it proceeds.

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