Remy Boyz rapper Monty is prepping the release of his new mixtape, and adds some push to the latest single "Right Back"  featuring Fetty Wap with the visual for the track.

In the video, Monty and Fetty post up in a posh crib and rap for the cameras while women pose in the background. The message of the song is about having a girl but always having to be on the go.

"I wake up in the morning, where my ice at/Gotta get this money, I'll be right back/Fifty in the week, that's a light stack/I'll put you to sleep, that's a nightcap/Priceless, baby you so priceless/Said she ready for me and I might just/Pretty in the face wit a nice butt/I can tell, they don't make 'em like her," Monty raps on the first verse.

Fetty Wap follows up on the last verse spitting, "I'm with my baby, she like that/She like, Zoovie come right back/I'm so stuck in my ways/And I be missin' for days/Shit that go on in my brain/Feel like I'm stuck in a maze/You see the night always day/And I thought I could have everything, baby."

In June, Monty dropped the video for the single "Her" which will more than likely appear on the new project.

His last tape Monty Zoo came out last December. Fetty Wap was featured on the majority of the songs which had production from Frenzy, Dre The Drummer, Sonny Digital, Metro Boomin and more.

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