As a fan of hip-hop, it's natural to imagine another rapper over a hot beat that's dominating the radio. In the early 2000s, it would be commonplace to jack beats as a lyrical exercise. Florida MC Mobsquad Nard keeps that tradition alive and well with his new project #NardoDaVinciOTW.

The full 11-track project contains the previously released four songs from earlier this month. It also now features Mobsquad going in over the beat from Rob Stone's "Chill Bill," Fat Joe and Remy Ma's "All the Way Up" and Playboi Carti's "Magnolia." Nard is joined by fellow Mobsquad members Scoobie, Snap, Lil Tee and more. The relentless bars from Nard throughout the project can't be matched by many rappers. For those unable to see the party-starting hype in "Magnolia" and complain about the lack of real lyrics, Nard delivers enough of his own with his signature, steady flow. The entire project should have fans old and new excited for his upcoming project Nardo DaVinci.

In his XXL interview for The Break, Nard told us that he planned on becoming the next Master P: "We going to open up this whole new can of worms. I’m finna to bust the door down like a real Mob leaders." Time will tell if Nard has plans like Master P to venture into businesses outside of just music or simply focus on music, looking out for the next generation of independent artists in his hometown.

Mobsquad Nard has made it a habit to flex his bars over other rappers' beats as he previously rapped over O.T. Genasis' "Cut It." His last full project was Everything Clean But da Ashtray from February of 2016.

Listen to Mobsquad Nard's #NardoDaVinciOTW below.

Mobsquad Nard's #NardoDaVinciOTW Tracklist

1. "Chill Bill"
2. "Tunnel Vision"
3. "Grinder"
4. "Fukk It Up" Feat. Mobsquad Lil Tee
5. "Freeze Me" Feat. Mobsquad Scoobie
6. "Still Plugged" Feat. Killa Keys
7. "All The Way Up"
8. "Juvy" Feat. Mobsquad Snap
9. "See Ya"
10. "Magnolia" Feat. Mobsquad Snap
11. "Moolah"

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