Mobb Deep say they are just a few days away from announcing their new record deal and a few months away from putting out a new album.

"Hopefully if not [this year], early next year," Havoc told when asked when him and Prodigy's next LP would be released.

In the meantime, the duo will be dropping off a gift strictly for the streets.

"We're gonna be doing a mixtape and stuff like that," Hav added. "We're gonna be dropping a new song in a few days. It's gonna be nice!"

Since Prodigy came home earlier this year after serving three years in prison for a gun possession charge he and Hav been recording endlessly.

"We're almost done," P said of the Mobb album. "Amazing. That's the best way to describe it. We touch on everything. Real life shit that we're going through.

"We got some surprise guest [producers] on there," he added. As of the cameo appearances, Prodigy simply replied "We got some surprises with that too."

"We have new producers," Hollywood Hav continued. "Of course shit from me, shit from Alchemist. Definitely what you'd expect from us but on a newer level."

"He's up to par," Prodigy beamed of his partner's production. "He ain't miss a step. [When I came home] He had shit in the stash and there was new shit he was making."

Although Hav and P have been making songs together since they were teens in the early 1990s, there "definitely was a difference" recording there latest batch of music, Havoc says.

"We're more thirsty to do it," the Queensbridge native elaborated. [Prodigy's] been gone for a minute, so now when we get in, I be thirsty."

The Mobb are currently on a tour with Wu-Tang members Raekwon and Ghostface and are also a part of this year’s Rock The Bells festival with Nas, Erykah Badu and Ms. Lauryn Hill, among others.

"Everything is good," P said of the concerts so-far.. “We're doing a lot of shows. They're Hot. We're killing them every night."

As for if any songs will come with their tour mates such as Wu-Tang or Nas, P promised, "We're collaborating with everybody. You're gonna hear all of that."

Stay tuned to to find out more on Mobb Deep’s upcoming plans. —Shaheem Reid