Drake is the biggest artist out of Toronto and because he’s been able to put his city on his back, the 6 God has no problem opening doors for the younger artists to follow him. Mo-G, a rhymer from the city who reps Halal Gang, is one of Drizzy’s latest proteges. But after rocking with Drake and his manager Oliver El-Khatib for a hot minute, Mo-G isn't feeling the OVO crew and claims they aren’t anything but “bitch ass niggas.”

In a viral video posted to his Instagram account, Mo-G puts Drake and Oliver on blast, airing out what many have heard in the past: OVO uses ghostwriters. But according to Mo-G, penning hits is one thing and being compensated for his work is another.

“Have you ever heard in hip-hop that mad niggas waste creativity? They make hits but never get a dollar for it, one credit for it," he says.

Mo-G continues calling out the "Back to Back" rhymer. "You get stuck in the hood. It doesn’t make sense. Fuck you bitch ass niggas, it’s on,” he said directing his comments to Drake and Oliver.

After dropping that warning shot, Mo-G came directly for Oliver. “Oliver is a fucking snake ass nigga, double-headed snake ass nigga,” Mo-G continued. He also claimed Oliver was “stirring the pot” and instigating beef between Mo-G and Drizzy’s camp.

The video is a shocker because it seems all was good less than a year ago when Oliver, Drake’s manager, received Mo-G’s mixtape from Safe, another Halal Gang rhymer. Safe was working at the OVO store at the time and tried to get his homie on with the team. Oliver passed the music over to Drizzy and moves were made from there. Mo-G won over the “Hotline Bling” rapper and OVO helped fund Mo-G’s debut EP, Ave Boy.

Drake was so impressed and influenced by Mo he even shouted him out on “Summer 16.” “Mo-G with the dance moves/Ave Boy with the dance moves," Drizzy raps. Mo-G is actually the kid who invented the "Ginobli" dance, which Drake has been reppin' since last year. The Grammy Award-winning rhymer also posted a video to his IG account about it and was seen imitating it in his "Energy" video.

Everyone gets inspiration from somewhere right? Hopefully this is just another big bro vs. lil bro dispute that Drake and Mo-G could work out. It would be a shame to see Mo-G's career fizzle out when he is just getting started.

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