You may not be too familiar with singer/songwriter Mitch just yet, but with the release of his debut project SPACE, you're surely find yourself bumping the Houston-born, Phoenix-raised artist's music more often.

First introduced as a producer to YG in 2016, Mitch is the latest artist on the 4Hunnid/Interscope Records roster. His 14-track debut paints a picture of his life behind the scenes while adjusting to his newfound fame, front and center. “This project is about me having to choose between love and my career… SPACE is my inner battle," Mitch further explains. Standout tracks include "Jokes On Me" and his single "Jersey," released back in late March.

The majority of SPACE sees Mitch showcasing his seductive side over slowed-down, melodic production, with features from YG on "Ima Dog" and "She Don't Lose." Production credits are given to Hymnbeats, Swish, yaboyNOIS, Cardiak, B Korn and Mitch himself, who's worked on both YG and RJ's projects in the past.

"MANN!! This is the best feeling on earth!... @YG you the fucking truth bro," Mitch wrote in an Instagram post the day of the project's release (April 20). "I can’t even say how thankful i am for the opportunity to do this shit bro. I could go on and on about how good you been to a young player but you already know the deal💯💯💯💯."

"Welcome to my world🚀🚀🚀🚀!!! THE MITCH TAKE OVER STARTS NOW!! 😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈," Mitch continued. Stream SPACE and view the tracklist for the project below.

Mitch's SPACE Tracklist
1. "Time"
2. "Juice"
3. "Find Out"
4. "Jersey"
5. "Ima Dog" featuring YG
6. "Jokes On Me"
7. "Trade My Main"
8. "Ride"
9. "Intellect"
10. "Deny"
11. "4Myself"
12. "Never Hate Me"
13. "She Don't Lose" featuring YG
14. "Do Her Own Thing"

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