New Jersey rapper Mir Fontane has been putting in work, and he isn't letting up anytime soon. His newest song is "New Friends," which also features Kodie Shane.

Mir's verse is gritty; he channels a bit of his frustration into it. "Fuck these hoes, just get your bands/They don't wanna see you win," he sings over the organ-tinged track. "It get rough around my ends/They want you dead or in the pen." He even gets personal: "I hold the tooly for my mans/Can't get caught with it again/I know he want his revenge/But I don't wanna lose more friends."

Kodie Shane has the second verse, where she sees through women trying to take advantage of her. "My old hoes seem to pop up/She say she don't do drugs/'Cause her jaw, it just be locked up," she sings in Auto-Tune. "Shocker/I just think she like that I'm a pop star."

Looking back at Mir Fontane's last year, he's been pretty busy. When he's not releasing videos for his previous work, like "Frank Ocean" and "This Life," he's dropping newer songs, like "All Eyez On Me." He also dropped a documentary last year.

Listen to Mir Fontane's "New Friends" below.

Mir Fontane
Mir Fontane

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