Camden's Mir Fontane follows up "Still in the Hood" with his new single "WYD?" The Kev Rodgers and Kenif Muse-produced record has a bouncy feel with Fontane flexing and dropping braggadocios bars.

"I want them M's like Mcdonalds for real/'Cause niggas be clowns like Ronald for real/Playa play from the Himalayas/I'm the real thing you an imitator/If you wil' out I go Supersayin'/Fuck around catch this Kamehameha," he raps.

For Mir, "WYD?" was his proclamation to his haters that he's not going to stop grinding. "With the success I've been seeing, I've been getting even more hate...people saying this and that about me," he said over email. "These are the same people that aren't doing much for themselves. So on this single I'm still having fun, but I'm asking the people that have so much to say, 'WYD?'"

The bright upstart, who’s signed to 300 Entertainment, has already released two great  projects, He So Crazy and Who’s Watching the Kids. He's best known for his track “Down by the River.” Learn more about Mir Fontane in XXL’s The Break. 

Bump "WYD?"  below.

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