Mir Fontane drops his newest, Kenif Muse-produced single "Frank Ocean." The new record interpolates Frank Ocean's "Nights" into a fresh new sound that finds the Camden, N.J. native rapping about how his girl and hometown show more attention to Drake, J. Cole and Frank. It's a cool record that shows off Mir's creative side.

"See I'm from Jersey baby/You know it get cold on the side/And we just be praying for Summer/Even though that's when everyone die/Gunshots in the darkness/Don't come outside if you scared/The Wet and that Wockey got fiends in the alley/It feel like it's Walking Dead," he raps on the melodic tune.

The track pays homage to Frank Ocean while also proclaiming that Mir Fontaine will be a big name one day. Also check out the cool single artwork for the record.

The rapper, who’s signed to 300 Entertainment, has released two projects, He So Crazy and Who’s Watching the Kids, but is best known for his track “Down by the River.” Learn more about Mir Fontane in XXL’s The Break. 

Bump "Frank Ocean" below.

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