Houston legend Mike Jones is back with a new song titled "Sauce." The record is off his upcoming project, Money Train Reloaded, which drops Oct. 21. The turn-up single finds Mike as energized as ever.

"Mike Jones, where he at, where he been?/On a date with them Benjamin's and he ain't been back since/You sleep on a couch and I'm couched up in a Bentley/Crawling up so gently," he raps.

Back in 2015, Mike Jones released the first installment of Money Train. The 15-track mixtape was spearheaded by the single “3 Grams” and featured minimal features, including Slim Thug and Yung Deuce, among others.

Outside of music, Mike has been popping up in weird places. His name was involved in a human trafficker scandal, which he quickly debunked as false and he's been featured in ads for a locksmith and a SuperBowl commercial.

Bump "Sauce" below.

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