The resurgence of Juelz Santana continues on "D Up," a new trap-infused banger featuring the Migos and the Capo himself, Jim Jones.

The track sees the five rappers bring it back to the trap over a Southside-produced instrumental, with the Migos using their trademark stacatto flows and Juelz and Jimmy flaunting their famous Dipset swagger. Quavo handles the hook duties, producing a chorus that, while not as catchy as the one for "Bad and Boujee," will definitely have you randomly repeating it a few days from now.

"I can not fuck up the reup, coco, ski up/Yeah, I got high paid shooters (high paid)/I'm tellin' them niggas to D up (D up)/Drop off, hardball/Grandpa got a sawed-off (grandpa)/Can't no work be stepped on (nah)/None of my niggas gon' fall off/Jumpin' out the trees with the ski's (with them ski's yeah)/Pull up on the plug with the fees (with them fees yeah)/Make her pop a perky on her knees (on her knees yeah)/I hook-shot that pot like Kareem," goes the hook for "D Up."

As for the verses themselves, Juelz and Jimmy manage to score a lot of points at the Migos' home gym, making the trap beat sound like it was made for them. Interestingly enough, Takeoff and Juelz, and then Jimmy and Quavo go back-and-forth on the song, with each pair of rappers sharing the same space on their verses. You can check out the song for yourself below.

Hearing this track might make you wish Juelz and Jimmy would go ahead and do another whole project together, since it's probably the closest thing we'll ever get to a Dipset reunion. Juelz and Cam'Ron dropped a new banger less than two weeks ago, but Cam and Jimmy still aren't really in a good place. Hopefully that changes soon.

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