Migos appeared on ESPN's Highly Questionable yesterday (July 28) to promote their debut album, Yung Rich Nation. They ended up having a pretty real conversation with hosts Bomani Jones and Dan Le Batard. The chat starts off light, with a discussion about how the rappers got along as kids. The questions get difficult real quick, with the group being asked about their Noisey: Atlanta episode where they're seen with several firearms. According to Migos, it was all an act. 

"It was a movie. We acted it out," says Takeoff of their "Meet The Migos" episode. "It was role playing. That wasn't our house in the first place," adds Quavo. Takeoff chimes back in, saying, "They gave us a script. They gave me a script. I did the script. I played it well 'cause y'all think it was real." Bomani clearly doesn't buy the story, and he and Le Batard exchange puzzled looks. The Atlanta rap collective go on to try and convince the show's hosts, saying the recording studio in the show was real, but "the guns and all that," which included assault rifles, pistols and machine guns, were not. The hosts probe for more information, but Migos doesn't budge. 

Throughout the 11-minute conversation, the crew also talks about the scariest situation they've been in, referencing their Miami shooting. They also discuss issues they have had to deal with since becoming successful and how they're dealing with Offset still sitting behind bars. Because of his prior record, Offset was denied twice on charges related to the group’s April 18 arrest at Georgia Southern University.

Watch the clip above. Physical copies of Yung Rich Nation drop July 31. Check out our latest feature on Migos from the Summer 2015 issue of XXL Magazine right here.