A$AP Mob affiliate Marty Baller is preparing to drop his new project MartyGraW on Nov. 11. Yesterday (Nov. 8), Baller released "I'm a Dog" featuring A$AP Ferg and Migos.

Marty, Ferg, Quavo and Takeoff flow for three minutes over a bouncy, infectious instrumental courtesy of lordxprynce. Baller spits, "She on my pokeballs I gotta catch em all/And you know my bitches bad, she a barbie doll/Big chest I'm comin' through I gotta stand up tall/Chris Paul cross 'em all watch them niggas fall/Yeah I'm ballin' dunkin' on em call me John Wall/I got that Kush now give me light call me Sean Paul/Jean Paul Gaultier I got my frames on/And I had to throw my Alexander Wang on." You can listen to "I'm a Dog" above via SoundCloud.

Quavo comes in on the tracks third verse, rapping, "Really I'm a dog really I'm a dog/Quavo Slim Thugga, I'm a boss hog/Ice on my neck I'm sick I got menopause/Took yo hoe in a dress cause she wear no draws/She want me take her to the mall, I'm a dog cause I tell her nah." Takeoff takes over next, flowing, "I got codeine on my breath just ate T-bone steak (actavis)/And I'm all about my chips Frito lays (stackin' it)/Play with the money like it is monopoly, run with it like it relay/Call up Ferg, what's the word/My nigga pull up like andalé."

In case you missed it, check out Baller's previous release with Ferg, a song called "Big Timers." The two Harlemites had previously connected on Ferg’s late 2014 mixtape Ferg Forever, with Marty appearing on tracks like “Jungle” and “Weave.”

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