MF DOOM is back with the second track, "True Lightyears," from his 15-song Adult Swim project Missing Book of Rhymes, and this one packs a special surprise. Not only is Jay Electronica featured on the track, but it's also the first offering from a brand new upcoming KMD album called Crack in Time set to be released through Metalface/Nature Sounds.

The beat sounds like something out of DOOM's old Special Herbs and Spices collection, while Jay Elect handles the first verse before MF comes in for the second.

For years now, there've been talks of a new KMD album. Hardcore DOOM fans might remember John Robinson, a.k.a. Lil' Sci, of Scienz of Life, talking about being involved with a new KMD album years ago, but it looks like this might be a new iteration. No word yet on whether there'll be vocals from DOOM's long-deceased brother Subroc. We're almost positive Onyx the Birthstone Kid won't show up, though.

Listen to "True Lightyears" below and if you missed it, peep the DOOM and Sean Price song from last week.

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