Why stop a good thing? Meyhem Lauren and DJ Muggs team up for another musical offering, this time joining forces on the new EP, Frozen Angels.

The new tape only possess eight tracks and has no guest appearances. Instead, Meyhem catches wreck over a flurry of hard-body Muggs beats, for dolo. Along with the EP, the two artists have released a video for the title track off the project.

Directed by The Infamous Oz, the dark visual shows both artists posted up in different locations in New York City, as well as cuts of architecture and old art. "Live visibility my necklace/Forty niggas named beloved on my guest list," Meyhem spits over the menacing boom-bap instrumental. "Forty-five chrome will leave a nigga chestless/I bust off shots and disappear right in the Lexus/Venetian long nose with a black hood/If the 5 don’t kill him bet the Mac would/I come right back and slide off/Nigga I’m that good."

Frozen Angels follows Meyhem and Muggs' other joint project, Gems From the Equinox, which dropped last November and featured the singles "Redrum," "Camel Crush," and "Murder Rap."

Listen to Meyhem Lauren and DJ Muggs' new Frozen Angels EP and peep the "Frozen Angels" video below.

Meyhem Lauren and DJ Muggs' Frozen Angels EP Tracklist

1. "Ghetto Stockbroker"
2. "Champion Style"
3. "Staircase Money"
4. "Frozen Angels"
5. "Kick Rocks"
6. "Northern Blvd"
7. "Psychedelic Relic"
8. "Permanent Disfigurement"

Soul Assassins Records
Soul Assassins Records

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