A Mexican rapper named QBA is making horrific headlines after he was arrested in connection to the murders of three film students and admitted to dissolving their bodies in acid.

According to New York Daily News, the rapper and YouTube star, whose real name is Christian Omar Palma Gutierrez, was taken into custody along with another suspect where he shared details of the gruesome deaths of Salomon Gastelum, Daniel Diaz and Marco Avalos in Jalisco, Mexico in March.

Apparently QBA helped to kidnap the three film students at the orders of the Jalisco New Generation Cartel. The rapper was apparently recruited by the cartel three months ago and was paid $159 a day for his work.

The students were filming a project inside of a house that was being watched by the cartel, leading to their abduction after they were mistakenly believed to be cartel rivals. Gastelum, 25; Diaz, 20; and Avalos, 20, were taken to a safe house where a harsh beating led to the death of one of the students.

Cartel members killed the other two students and took them to another house where their bodies were reportedly dissolved in acid. Authorities say they found tubs of sulfuric acid at the second location.

The outlet also reports that there are five more suspects connected to the case, but so far, they have not found nor detained them.

QBA and the other suspect that was arrested alongside him currently face aggravated kidnapping charges.


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