Metro Boomin has been one of the key cogs in Future's amazing run this year. Once the St. Louis native linked up with Future, the two became frequent collaborators. Metro Boomin has, in many ways, been just as important in developing the style and sound of this run as Future. So, it's no surprise that Metro Boomin has some thoughts on other artist trying to copy the formula Future has crafted over the past year.

Metro Boomin took to Twitter and criticized artists trying to flood the market with mixtapes in an attempt to replicate Future's run. Metro acknowledged that Future has followed in the footsteps of Lil' Wayne and Gucci Mane, but that artists currently are copying Future. Metro Boomin lamented the reality that so many artists were doing this and stressed that they should focus on quality over quantity.

"Moral of the story is putting out 5 tapes in a year won't make you heat up like Future," Metro Boomin tweeted. "That was just his path. It's not for everyone. All I'm saying is I wish that everyone would put out more quality music over the quantity. "It's a marathon, not a sprint."