There is a fine line for public figures between what they openly share with an audience and what they prefer to keep private, and for Method Man, the image, representation and mention of his wife has long landed in the latter category. Meth doesn't take his better half to red carpets and came to her defense in 2006, when Wendy Williams used her breast cancer battle as on-air material.

Meth was understandably upset then when Farrah Gray posted the article "We Finally Have a Photo of Method Man's Beautiful wife" to his website. The Wu-Tang rapper pleaded with Gray to remove the post, writing on Twitter. "I’ll ask again could u Please take it down, if u hv any decency in u. Please! I guess follows n likes are more important than tastefulness and decency…Smh. I’m done with it maybe the ppl can get at em and help him understand. if not meh!" When all else failed, Method pulled the plug on his whole social operation, writing, "I’m done with social media until further notice.I’ve lost faith in human decency and I will not feed trolls any longer. Fuck u all. 1"

The post does appear to have been removed, though Meth hasn't tweeted since, and his profile and cover photos are both blacked out. In a 2006 interview with Rolling Stone, he said of his wife that she is "one of the strongest people on the planet. I just want to make Wendy Williams aware of exactly what it felt like to be sitting in that hospital room, watching them pump this poison into the one you love.”

His since deleted tweets pleading with Gray can be seen below.


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